Up until 2009, ArcelorMittal Wire Bourg-en-Bresse installed and maintained cables and wire ropes sold throughout the world via its in-house department, TES. As a part of its reorganization programme, ArcelorMittal decided to reorganize this sector of activity. As a result, TEC CABLES BOURG was created in September 2009.

The vocation of TEC CABLES BOURG, based on the Bourg-en-Bresse production site is to develop services offered to traditional and future ArcelorMittal customers, by offering increased reactivity and adapting itself to technical developments.

TEC CABLES BOURG also has a vocation for installing and servicing ArcelorMittal products distributed by the TRACTION LEVAGE company, based in Gardanne (France, near Marseille).

TEC CABLES BOURG relies on a structure comprised of specialists and professionals from the former ArcelorMittal TES department, capable of dealing with all cable installation, repair and maintenance operations.

Tec Câbles in ArcelorMittal

Fields of activity:

TEC CABLES BOURG offers you its expertise in the following sectors:

  • Cable lifts (ski-tows, chairlifts, gondola lifts, aerial cableways, etc.) in ski resorts.
  • Urban cableways or railways.
  • Offshore platforms.
  • Dams and hydroelectric installations.
  • Hoisting equipment (harbour cranes, bridge cranes, etc.).
  • Industrial cable equipment.


TEC CABLES BOURG uses its know-how for:

  • Splicing and shortening cables.
  • Stringing and changing cables.
  • Cable rigging (sliding, raising carrying cables, taking up slack, etc. ) .
  • Socketing.
  • Expertises.
  • All other cable operations (replacing strands, replacing sections, repairing, etc. ).


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