Quality services carried out in total safety with respect for both men and environment:

Quality :

ArcelorMittal has been ISO 9001 certified since 1992. Their corresponding procedures, work methods and quality documents are still in application. In order to maintain the high level of Quality, necessary for this type of work, TEC CABLES BOURG obtained the ISO 9001 certification (AFNOR) in September 2010.

Safety :

TEC CABLES BOURG personnel frequently work in difficult conditions (height, cold, accessibility, etc.). We apply suitable work methods and operating procedures and use appropriate tools in order to reduce the risks related to our interventions to a minimum.

Environment :

TEC CABLES BOURG often intervenes on very beautiful and protected mountain sites that are the splendour of our regions. We pay close attention to the ecological impact of all our interventions. Today, sustainable development is an every-day reality, and of strategic importance for every company.

Charter :


  • Pays particular attention to its personnel’s self-fulfilment and the quality of human relations;
  • Contributes actively to acquiring skills and developing tools related to our profession;
  • Mobilizes itself for accomplishing the tasks required, in compliance with your requirements in a context of high safety levels;
  • Participates in preserving our planet.


SAM 2014

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